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Website Products

Tom recommends hosting at:

I have one of my most important sites here. Very good customer service, 24 hour a day live tech support and you can have unlimited domains for only $9.95 per month. (Note the $6.95 per month gives you unlimited "subdomains". This is not the same thing as unlimited "domains" so get at least the $9.95 per month plan.



Hover Ads

What is this? This is an unblockable entry pop up like you see at http://www.antion.com

Why do I need this? You don't unless you have someone helping you with your website or if you are pretty good with working on your website. This hover ad doubled my ezine subscription rate and is not blockable by conventional pop up blockers.

What do I do? Nothing, unless you are technically savvy working with websites or if you have someone who is.

If you do, click above and buy the program.

Cost is $97.00

What is this? A program that makes the header for a one-page website or anywhere you need a header. I use this frequently as the opening graphic inside my ebooks.

Why do I need this? It will let you make one-page websites for virtually no cost.

What do I do? Click on the banner above to go to the site where you will find the program.

Cost $97.00 Click here for details

Web Page Authoring Program

What is this? This is the tool that will free you from total dependence on web desginers. It will allow you to update your websites yourself and create one page sales sites easily.

Why do I need this? You need this so you can create a massive web presence on a shoestring budget without the excessive delays and exorbitant costs you would encounter waiting for web people to do updates for you.

What do I do? Buy Microsoft Front Page and get a local tutor to teach you how to use it. (See below in Skills section for more detail)

Note: Technogeeks will tell you Front Page is not good. Tell them to shut up and go home in their broken down 1987 car. I don't really care what you use, but Front Page is widely supported and you can always find someone to help you if you get stuck. This is more important than fine nuances of technogeekdom that won't mean anything to whether you make money or not.

Cost about $150.00 or it comes with some Microsoft Office Suites

Amazon Kindle

What is this? A popular ebook reader

Why do I need this? You'll want to convert your ebooks to this format and use this device to check them. Besides just checking your own ebooks, you can carry over a thousand books with you wherever you go. This has really made things a lot easier for me to travel and have plenty of reading material without lugging full size books with me. Click on the graphic.

Kodak Zi8.

What is this? This is a high definition flip cam that also has an external microphone jack making it extremely versatile. Highly recommended.

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