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Email Tools

Spam Arrest

What is this? This is a tool that cut down 95% of my spam emails the first day it was used. I tested 4 different spam stoppers and this is the one I settled on.

Why do I need this? The more Internet Marketing you do, the more spam email will come back to you. You do not want to waste hours a day dealing with spam. Also, since all your email goes to Spam Arrest, it is a second line of defense against accidentally clicking on a virus laden email.

What do I do?  Try it out for 30 days for free by clicking on the banner below. Note: I had to use a different email address for my shopping cart orders so they didn't have to go through this spam filter. Also, I don't think it will work with AOL. You should be graduating from AOL anyway.


Corey Rudl's Email Marketing Course

What is this? My original mentor Corey Rudl has come out with a very comprehensive and easy to understand modern course on email marketing. I will be teaching you these concepts over time, but if you want the entire blast right now, this would be a good investment.

Why do I need this? You don't absolutely need this because I'll be helping you with the concepts, but it is a great course and I believe in investing in credible information as long as it doesn't confuse you.

Warning: Do no buy any of the software in this book without conferring with me first. Much of it is not necessary for our market and we have easier to use substitutes.

What should I do? Click on the link above. Purchase and download the course and I suggest printing it out if you can. It will take lots of paper, so be ready.

Cost is $137.00

Outlook, Eudora, etc.

What is this? These are better email programs than AOL.

Why would I need them? They will allow you to promote the domain name of your website, easily create and organize folders, filter emails to different folders, work with spam blocking programs like Spam Arrest above, allow you many different addresses, like Tom@antion.com, orders@antion.com, Speaker@antion.com, Sponsor@antion.com etc.

What do I do? Bite the bullet and switch over. You can still keep your AOL account because it is handy to have.

Cost: You probably already have Outlook Express on your computer and you probably have the more advanced "Outlook" if you have any of the Microsoft Office Suites.








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