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Short Keys Lite

What is this? This is a free program that saves you enormous amount of time when you are typing information.

Why do I need this? There is only so much time in a day. I want you to automate as much as possible the mundane stuff that needs to be done so there will be more time to concentrate on marketing.

For instance: I have to type http://www.GreatInternetMarketing.com quite frequently. Using shortkeys, all I type is "G1" and the entire website above is typed for me.

What do I do? Visit the above site. Download and install the program. Start making shortkeys that make sense for you.

Cost is free for a limited number of shortkeys.

Article Announcer

What is this? A complete training course and submission software to submit articles to Article Sites, Ezine Publishers and Article Announcement Lists

Why do I need this? Having articles spread all around the web means massive distribution of your name and services. Links back to your website from these articles means you will get big boosts in search engines. Also, when someone types your name into a search engine many more references to you show up which increases your credibility and helps you close deals.

What do I do? Click on the link above to go to a site where you will find a sample.

Cost $379.00

Remote access to your computer

What is this? This is the tool that will allow you to access your home or office computer remotely.

Why do I need this? You need this so you can grab files when you are away from the office. 

What do I do? Simply sign up for the service and learn to use it.

Cost: About $14.00 per month Click here to check it out








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