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60 Second Sales Letters

What is this? This is an online service that helps you create long copy sales letters very quickly. Even people already good at copywriting use this because it saves lots of time.

Why do I need this?  The first reason is that you can do everything I teach  about upselling, downselling, finance options, pay per click search engines, etc., perfectly, but if you mess up the advertising copywriting, you will fail miserably. You MUST be able to write the words that move people to action . . . in most cases we want them to pull their wallets out of their pockets and give us money.

The second reason is that it saves enormous amounts of time and helps you organize your thoughts quickly. It used to take me a week or more to write a good sales letter and this tool has reduced that time to a few hours at most.

What do I do? Click on the link above which will take you to the page where you can read about the tool and purchase it.

Cost is $97.00 for a year's use.

KickStart Headlines

I've been involved in advertising and copywriting for more years than I care to remember! And this bit of software has impressed me more than anything else that I have seen before! I've invested serious money to be able to offer it to you at a ridiculous price.

Cost: $14.97


What is this? This is a free / (dirt cheap if you elect to pay for it) text based word processor that has special features needed to do your online work properly.

Why do I need this? Many people don't know how bad their text emails and autoresponder messages look when they get to the recipient. Sure they look OK when you send them, but you must learn that some formatting elements must be put in to make sure they still look professional when they are received. This program puts those formatting elements in automatically saving you time.

What do I do? Download it for free from the link above.

Text Cleanup

What is this? This is a cheap utility program that saves me hours and hours of time.

Why do I need this? There will be times when you want to copy text from emails and word processors and use it in an email or on your website. This cleans up all the hidden junk that you can't see that's embedded in the text you are trying to copy. It also removes >>> marks when someone has forwarded an email to you and you want to use the text.

What do I do? Click the link above which will take you to Download.com. When you get there search for "Text Cleanup". (Cleanup is one word, not two.)

Cost was $15.00 the last time I checked

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