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These are the tools I use everyday to create my success on the Internet.

I'm not trying to spend your money, but you need these tools to do the things I'm going to teach you to do in a professional fashion, and quickly. Some of the powerful tools I use are free, or very cheap.

In my past mentor program, these tools and skills would be acquired over a period of many months. You are in an accelerated program. The faster you work, the faster we all make money, but don't feel like you have to get everything at once if you're easily overwhelmed. We can work you into all these things at your own pace.

For those of you that are super gung ho, dive into everything, but don't forget that I'm going to be on your tail to master each element below. For those of you that prefer to master something and move on, this will be your checklist page.

As I test and use other programs you'll get updates on whether I think you need them or not.








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